Life Coaching to help with everyday life in the Costa del sol, Spain

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” – Lao Tzu


Life takes everyone on its own journey: one of changes, unforeseen and unexpected transitions and tough decisions. Some of us will have to deal with starting all over again, while others believe they never got a good start in the first place, but even many of those who outwardly seem successful and happy realise that they never really felt content in the first place. How do you overcome these challenges, channel your energy in a positive way and ensure that you achieve not only the successes but also the joy and sense of being at ease with yourself?

“My goal is to inspire you to overcome life’s challenges and move forward with strength and renewed vigour”. As a licensed master practioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy, Emotional Therapy Technique (EFT) and Timeline Therapy, I am qualified to help people get rid  of negativity, lack of confidence or counterproductive patterns that in many cases have been accumulating for years and act as obstacles to both personal development and fulfilment.

Coaching is a means of facilitating people to become in tune with their values, purpose in life and their goals.


As a Life Coach I will not tell you how you should lead your life. I value the process of coaching you to find your own way forward. I help people with different areas of life, on issues such as relationships, romance, families, education, stress management, wellness, career, business, finance, time management, leadership, spirituality, and any other area where clients need guidance. My state-of-the- art coaching model has proven successful in producing results with my clients, powerful questions and purposeful inquiry, empowering tools and results-driven principles.

From my life coaching experience, I personalize my client’s individual needs. Some have personal goals; some have professional or business goals or barriers they need to cross. Few of us are already where we want to be and are now seeking a new goal or desire. I see my role as personal Life Coach as increasing your awareness of options and moving you to take meaningful and constructive action. You, as the client set the agenda. It is about becoming a better person. Life Coaching is about achieving your dreams and goals. Coaching allows a functional person to move forward and achieve greater success.

It is a great feeling to have less stress, better health, improved finances and fulfilling relationships. My Life Coaching skills have helped many to create lasting positive change. Any changes in your life are far more effective because they are the changes that you want. My role will help you exploit the positive while controlling and downplaying the negatives. You will learn about tackling antagonists head on, staying clear of frustrations and creating harmony in you living situation.

I have attended and helped at dozens of seminars on many subjects, including health, relationships, finances, life skills and spirituality, in addition to meeting several experts in this area. Learning to embrace change has been the single most important tool to helping me love my life more and always looking for the positive in everything that happens. I wanted to share this knowledge and power with other people. I believe anyone can change. I believe there is always something good that will come from change, even if you can’t see it right now. I believe that when we stop resisting the changes we are going through and simply embrace them, we realise that life is on our side. I believe that we all have a part of ourselves that doesn’t change… and, when we find that part within us, whatever change we are going through on the outside becomes easier.

My life coaching programme will help you break your situation down into clearly identifiable parts. Then you will be helped to identify the steps that you will take to bring about an improvement.

1.     Coaching focuses on the future – In coaching the clients usually want help, guidance, and support on their journeys toward their goal.

2.     Outcome of life coaching is to help the client breach the gap between where he/she is now and where he/she wants to get and to improve the person’s effectiveness in his/her personal and/or professional life while breaching that gap.

3.     Life coach is seen as a great companion; guide, and support the client, and in some cases to be the shining light on his/her chosen path.

4.     Life coaching sessions mostly happen within a 30-to maximum 45-minute time slot.

What are the things you like to change and achieve in your own life?

  • Reduce the level of stress in you life
  • Lose weight and feel fitter
  • Increase your earnings and financial security
  • Improve your close personal relationships

What I am offering you is a helping hand to get your life back on track, give you back your self-belief, to embrace your life purpose and to renew your belief in life itself. Start identifying what it is that is standing in-between you and achieving the life you deserve.

The Love Revolution by Lily Trainor